Hilton Head Island Community Church

The Other 6 Days


What are you doing to be FOR HHI the Other 6 Days? We want to hear your video stories and see your pics! Email us at mystory@hiltonheadislandcc.org or share it on our FACEBOOK Page.

Here are some opportunities for you to serve on the Island.

The Deep Well Project
80 Capital Dr - HHI (843) 785-2849

How you can help:
1.  Weekly Food Shoppers
One day a week, one or two volunteers pick up a list of grocery items to purchase in order for Deep Well to keep their shelves stocked. The purchase would be made on the credit card that Deep Well provides to the volunteer.  Then next week on the same day of the week, another volunteer or two would go do the same thing and so on. This is a good opportunity for a Group Serve.
 2.  Christmas dinner delivery
Wednesday, Dec. 20th to take Christmas dinner to the homes of families in need.
3.  Livable housing volunteers that have one or multiple skill sets at making various repairs to houses of families in need or to help provide maintenance with mowing/edging/sweeping.
4.  Office work including answering the phones needed at the start of the new year.
5.  Preparing a meal for 12 to 15 people(combination of parents and children) on Wednesday nights for their free literacy program offered by the Literacy Center helping teach english to those that are considered illiterate.


The Pregnancy Center and Clinic of the Lowcountry
1 Cardinal Road Suites 1 & 2 - HHI (843) 689-2222

How you can help:
- helping out with the bulk mailings every quarter
- throw a baby shower to help stock their closet full of baby clothes
- bottle coin collection (filling up baby bottles supplied by the Center with loose change)
- volunteer to serve at some of their events
- volunteer to serve at the front desk welcoming clients into the center


Neighborhood Outreach Connection
843-681-4100  - There are 2 on HHI, 2 in Bluffton, and 2 in city of Beaufort.

How you can help:
     1.  After-school Tutoring/Homework Support (K-8)
     2.  Lead a small reading/discussion group (K-8)
     3.  Pre-school learning (1-3 year olds)
     4.  Teaching English as a 2nd language
     5.  Health Education/Screenings
     6.  Soccer or other sports (coaching, refereeing, etc)
     7.  Teaching children the game of chess
     8.  Organize & direct a social event(good for a group project)
     9.  Supplying healthy snacks for the children
    10.  Administrative office support
    11.  Cleaning and/or painting facility
    12. Teaching computer skills
    13.  Supplying gift cards to children for Christmas
    14.  Fundraising activities


IMPACT/Mentoring program
Contact Jessica Barnes Jessica.barnes@beaufort.k12.sc.us   843-342-4279

One on one mentoring sessions with children during the school day in HHI Public Elementary Schools.
The goal is a simple one: identify children at the elementary level who need to improve attitudes, self confidence or the desire to stay in school, and match them with a caring adult---a friend, coach and positive role model.


CLICK HERE for a list of ALL our Local Community Partners. You can contact them directly for information and other ideas of how you can serve HHI.