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I Want the Win SERIES I Want the Win

Pastor Todd continues in our series "Great Expectations" with…

I Want What I Want SERIES I Want What I Want

Pastor Todd begins our series with a look at the one word that…

Living in Harmony SERIES Living in Harmony

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Great Expectations

In this series, we will consider where God is when our greatest expectations go unmet.

Come Together

Pastor Todd challenges us to about what it means to be fully devoted in our faith but welcoming to everyone around us.

Get in the Game

Join us as we take a look at what it means to really put our faith in action here at HHICC. Don’t sit this one out...Get in the GAME!

AKA God 2018

Join us as we take a look at some of the many names of God & how each can give a closer look at God’s heart and His character.

The Beauty of the Cross

Led by our HHICC Staff Team, join us as we focus our hearts on the Beauty of the Cross as we receive the Lord's Supper and worship with song

World Upside Down

We will explore the stories of brave men & women from the book of ACTS who were willing to turn the world upside down to share about Jesus.


Join us this Easter as Pastor Tod shares the story of Jesus appearing after his death and asks us the question...You may know ABOUT Jesus, b


How do we stay on track? In this series, we look at different Biblical characters who learned how to be STEADFAST in their lives.


Join us as we explore what this means for us at HHICC & discover the truth about myths we may believe that hold us back from being ALL IN.

Food For Life

A three week series about what we can do at HHICC to physical and spiritually feed ourselves and those around us.


Join us as we learn lessons from Daniel and how we can learn to tame the lions and even have influence over our enemies.