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I Can't Afford to be Generous

February 18, 2018
Todd D. Cullen
Mark 12:41-44

Financial Peace University

New Session begins - Sun, March 11 - 6:00p - 8:00p. 

Visit hiltonheadislandcc.org/fpu to register.

Review of the ALL IN Generosity Initiative 

For the Mission - $1.7M
General fund for 2 years (Average of 18,000 per week)

This would be estimated operating costs for two years. (i.e. - facility, ministry, staff)

For the Future - $ 1.7M

Payoff the current mortgage - $850,000
Build a Worship Center Lobby - $50,000
Building B (toward purchase) - $800,000

Why do we need “Building B”

We need a weekday presence for our community.

- Receptionist to greet people during office hours.

- Visibility on 278 for people to find us!

- Offices for our staff

- Space for classes for Spiritual Growth and Connection during the week and on Sundays

(i.e. - Marriage, Parenting, FPU, New Believers)

- Space for our community partners to have meetings as needed

For the World - $300,000

10% of anticipated contributions toward local and global partners for 2 years
- $170,000

Plant a church in Belize
- $130,000

HHICC Mission - Our mission is to passionately share the Message of Jesus Christ and lead people to follow Him. 

Week 2 & 3 Review
Practicing generosity is founded upon the belief that God owns it all.
Generosity is fueled when God and what He provides is enough.

The Myth
I can’t afford to be generous.

The Problems
1 - We don’t properly steward the income God has provided. 
[FPU slide as a separate slide here]
2 - We don’t consider the stored resources God has provided.
3 - We are not willing to part with more of what God has provided.
4 - We think our contribution won’t matter.

The Truth
We ALL can find ways to be generous with the resources God has given us.

Mark 12:41-44
Acts 4:32-37

It’s the level of our sacrifice rather than the level of our gift that bring the most pleasure to God!

Our willingness to surrender future comfort, security and happiness reveals our real attitude about generosity.

We stretch our level of generosity when we are willing to liquidate meaningful assets for God’s purpose.


We will be known as generous people when we are willing to use ANY available resources to practice generosity.

Meet with Me One on One
From Pastor Todd - I would love to meet with you to talk about all the details of ALL IN!
e-mail allin@hiltonheadislandcc.org and Maryann will schedule a time to meet.

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