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On Purpose

Rev. Todd D. Cullen
April 15, 2018
Acts 3:1-13

Acts 3:1-13

Why We Serve
Serving others out of obligation is good.
Serving others because of conviction is better.
Serving other for the sake of sharing the message of Jesus is best.

Connecting the Dots
We connect the dot of service to the bigger picture of the Gospel message when we...

… see those suffering around us. (Acts 3:3)

… serve in the name of Jesus. (Acts 3:6; Colossians 3:17)

… shift any glory that comes our way to God. (Acts 3:12; Psalm 115:1)

… leverage serving others in order to share the message of Jesus. (Acts 3:12-13)

Serving with Intention
When we serve people just to serve them we are meeting ONLY physical needs.

When we serve people with the intent of sharing the message of Jesus, we have the opportunity to meet their most important need.