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Posted by Todd Cullen on 10/31/14 @ 8:53 AM

God’s gift of salvation comes with a price. A price we don't have to pay…Jesus paid it for us.

When I was growing up, our church celebrated Reformation Day instead of Halloween. Now, don’t get me wrong. Most of the time there was trick-or-treating, costumes and a ton of candy; Reformation Day was Halloween under a better name. But as I got older and grew in my faith I learned that Reformation Day is an important time to remember what the reformers of the church did in the sixteenth century. Martin Luther (the guy in the picture) was the most prolific reformer and stood up against the church that had allowed man-made values to replace God-made values. The church had strayed from the truth of the Bible.

One of the things that Luther stood up against was a man-made practice called indulgences where someone would pay money to the church in exchange for God’s forgiveness for sins. I’m thankful that Luther stood up against such a dishonorable practice, since nothing could be further from the truth. Paul wrote these words in Ephesians 2:8:

“For by grace you have been saved through faith.

And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God,”

So tonight as you watch kids receive free candy, food, toys and "a rock" (watch the classic It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown if you didn’t get that) think about the FREE GIFT that God gave us when he allowed His son, Jesus, to die for our sins. It’s the gift of salvation and eternal life with God in heaven and it cost us nothing. All we must do is put our faith in Him.

If you happen to be reading this and want to know more about how to do this  I want to invite you to visit our church on Sunday at 9:30 or 11:00. I'll see you there.


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