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Joy in Stress...can it be?

Posted by Todd Cullen on 11/21/14 @ 11:24 AM

Have you ever had anyone tell you that their life is stress free?

Did you believe them? What in the world did they do to avoid stress? Do they even have a life?

If we are really honest we must admit that if we have breath to live, at some level we have stress. But some people handle stress really well. I’ve often wondered why some people handle stress well and other explode! I’m sure that there are many reasons but I believe that a major factor in handling stress well, at least for the Christ-follower, is spiritual in nature.

This Sunday, as we close our current series, It’s All Good, we’ll consider what we can do to experience joy even when we are stressed. Yes, I just suggested that joy and stress CAN co-exist. I believe Paul suggests the same thing in his letter called Philippians.

Please don’t miss this last installment of It’s All Good on Sunday at 9:30 or 11:00. Read Philippians 4 before you come. Get introspective and consider how you handle stress in your own life. Let me and the other readers of this blog know how you respond to stress, some of your coping mechanisms and an example of a time you responded well to a stressful situation.

I’ll see you on Sunday!

Pastor Todd

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