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Community Events

Welcome to the LOCALS Page! This is a community event guide that showcases many of the amazing opportunities on the Island for you to get involved and participate. If you have an event you would like to share, email us here.

Experiencing God: Building a Legacy of Faith
Friday evening and Saturday, April 27-28 
Register:  http://www.stlukeshhi.org/experiencing-god.html

What’s my purpose today? How will my children remember me? Am I important to anyone? The greatest news for every generation and every stage of life is God loves me and has a wonderful plan for me today. Through Jesus we can experience the presence of God, know what He wants for us and be involved in His work. This conference consists of three workshops led by the father son team of Richard and Mike Blackaby.

Hear from Richard & Mike about the special event! Click the play button.


NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER - Thursday, May 3, 2018

Noon-1PM - Hilton Head Island Branch of Beaufort County Library on Beach City Road.
This years Theme is UNITY and Verse is Ephesians 4:3. Join us!